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Quick way to get to the admin system of a website

If you work on a website with some kind of Content Management System you probably spend a lot of time having to endlessly go to a site, go to the url bar, trim the url to the root domain, swear because you took too much, then type in /wp-content or /_cms.

This might make 10 seconds, but do it 20 times a day, 5 days a week for 251 working days, that's nearly 14 hours of your life in a year!

The solution

In some browsers you can add javascript to your bookmarks, that way you can get to the admin area of a site with just one click. Just create a new bookmark and give it whatever title you prefer, I went with 'Admin', then add this as the url:

javascript:( function(){ f=window.location.origin + '/ADMIN_URL'; if(! location.href=f; } )()

Just replace the ADMIN_URL with your admin path and hey presto! This will also strip off any extra url content after the domain so you don't even have to be on the homepage.

Note: This won't work on some older IE versions due to the lack of support for 'window.location.origin'. But let's be honest, who the hell is developing websites on IE 9?

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